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Registered: ‎08-05-2010

XAPP859 on ML555

I have went through the configuration settings for this app note and the first time i programmed the prom using the "run_impact.bat" script. In the device manager i saw both "DEVICE" and "WD910_csharp_xapp859" under the Jungo heading. I could run the gui and it would recognize the board.


I downloaded the WinDriver trial from Jungo and now I cannot get the "DEVICE" to be recognized. Under the Jungo heading in the device manager I only see "WD910_csharp_xapp859" and "WinDriver"


Is there a problem with having the trial version installed and trying to recognize the device or could there be something I am missing. I have simulated the design in ModelSim and I have tried programming it with the "run_impact.bat" script, using impact directly, opening the project in ISE, synthesizing, and then programming the prom.


My settings for SW5 match that in xapp859 and each time i program the prom i restart the computer.



Thank You,

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