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Registered: ‎11-30-2020

XDMA Driver access axi memory mapped, more than 64bit address

Hello I use XDMA Driver In Ultrascale+ VCU118 Evaluation Kit


I use basic XDMA Driver Application dma_to_device, and dma_from_device and want to access FPGA Address more than 32bit


It works well at 32-bit , ex) 0x8000_0000, addressing. But if i set the address more than 32-bit (0x1_0000_0000) the application doesn't work and just stop the operation. I want XDMA AXI-MM Interface can access 64-bit addressing, What should i do? Is there any solution to use??

Screenshot from 2020-12-01 11-23-19.png

Like this Capture if i set access address more than 32-bit, XDMA-IP access to 0x0000_0000


Please Help me.....

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