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Registered: ‎05-10-2017

XDMA PCIe Completion Timeout


I use the GUI to generate my XDMA core for Artix 7.   The default completion timeout selected here is 50us to 50ms.  I do not see any way to change it.  I saw in another post, a tcl script command to change it.  If I change the value to say 250ms, it complains that I am exceeding the range.  If I change it to say 10ms, it doesn't do anything.

I add the tcl command as tcl_post to synthesis settings in Vivado.

The PCIe core's documentation itself calls for following ranges from PG054

CFGDEVCONTROL2CPLTIMEOUTVAL[3:0] Output USERCLK Configuration Device Control 2,
Completion Timeout Value,
DEVICECTRL2[3:0]. This 4-bit output is
the time range that the user logic
should consider a Request pending
Completion as a Completion Timeout.
The integrated block takes no action
based on this setting.
• 0000b: 50 μs to 50 ms (default)
• 0001b: 50 μs to 100 μs
• 0010b: 1 ms to 10 ms
• 0101b: 16 ms to 55 ms
• 0110b: 65 ms to 210 ms
• 1001b: 260 ms to 900 ms
• 1010b: 1 s to 3.5 s
• 1101b: 4 s to 13 s
• 1110b: 17 s to 64 s

Please help.

Thank you.

Best regards

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