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Registered: ‎03-25-2019

XDMA Transfer H2C

Currently working on a project where i used XDMA through PCIe.
Used the linux refrence driver for XDMA. I simply wanted to send out some data which is stored is in kernel memory.
I did change the flag which indicates wether it's in userspace/kernelspace. I added some test
transfers in the probe function of the pci device (temporary) at the end of it so that all the engines are already mapped.
So now my problem is that it's stuck at transfer_monitor as this waits for
the transfer state changed which will be done from the xdma_isr but it never gets an isr so the state doesn't change.
The driver is used in streaming mode SG DMA. (It's a 4.15.0 generic kernel of linux)

Did i oversee something in the write/open method?
And how do i get it todo the Interrupt?

Thank's for every answer.
(I ask as a newebie)

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