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Registered: ‎08-09-2020

config the DMA engine register in the design of UG882(PCIe data transmit)

Hello,I want to use the design of UG882 to transmit data. I haved changed some user design and I'm sure that there is no problem with hardware. I want to develop driver by windriver. I want to use the channal of C2S0 to transmit data from device to PC. After resetting the DMA engine(write 0x8000 to 0x2004), I write the HWdesciptor address to 0x2008,and write SWdescriptor address to 0x200c. I write 0x0101  to 0x2004 to start DMA engine . But when I read the flags from 0x2004, It shows that DMA is runming ,interrupt enable and DMA enable. I find that DMA transimit doesn't start, and the t_ready signal of C2S0 channal keeps low .I think that there is someting wrong when I config  DMA engine .Thank you very much for answer the questions!

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