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Observer yasing.shi
Registered: ‎08-14-2017

xdma gen2x4 h2c dma error, make OS crashed

we tested xdma memory map mode on our pxie board, and found that when xdma configured as gen2x4, h2c dma transfer failed after a few mins, but gen2x8 /gen1x8 are ok.

test environment

| components | Version | | ------ | ------ | | fpga chip | k7160t -1 |
| computer | adlink PXES-2590 3U 9-Slot PXI Express Chassis https://www.adlinktech.com/Products/PXI_PXIe/PXIChassis/PXES-2590?lang=en| | xdma driver |2017.4/2018.2| | OS|Windows10 64bit / win7 64bit / Ubuntu 64| | VIVADO |2017.3 / 2019.1| ## firmware: > xdma configuration: gen2x4, we build it on vivado 2017.3 and 2019.1, and tested it with windows and linux driver, they all had the same h2c dma error
1.PNGxdma confiurationblock design.PNGblock design## test bin: > windows simple_dma.exe / linux dma_to_device ( we got them from this link https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/65444.html )
> if the driver in polling mode, when h2c error happend, OS will hang and crash
## how to repeat: > create a design with gen2x4, and tested it on adlink PXES-2590 3U 9-Slot PXI Express Chassis(we also tested on other Chassis like NI1062Q, but not easy to repeat the error)




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