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Registered: ‎03-06-2016

xdma 's two channel c2h mode usage question

Hi: I'm using a K7325t based pcie card to test the xdma ipcore. I've enabled two channel dma and memory map mode. I want to use two c2h channels to upload data to pc。I've noticed that the ipcore's axi interface uses the signal m_axi_arid to differentiate c2h0 and c2h1. there comes the problem: the c2h0 interface stops sending user data but the c2h1 interface is still sending data. but at the same time the axi interface stucks at m_axi_arid=0 because no data is available for the c2h0 channel so c2h1's data can not send to pc any longer. what should i do for this case?

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