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Visitor kp9mueller
Registered: ‎12-30-2009

PicoBlaze software development tool

Dear PicoBlaze forum members:


I would like to contribute a small but efficient tool to facilitate PicoBlaze assembly development. It was written for my students to learn assembler programming without knowing the underlying FPGA programming.



  • no installation (recent JAVA runtine required) - just doubleclick on PicoBlazeTool.jar
  • open source
  • assemble,  debug, download done by pushbuttons
  • easy to configure
  • contains the configuration file "jtagblaze3s.bit" for Spartan 3E Starter board (for the impatient)
  • works smoothly with (almost) all Impact versions

It's not an IDE and will not compete with any - it just worked fine for us.


Docs and dowload are available here.


Comments and improvements welcome.

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Visitor mshaw67
Registered: ‎04-01-2008

Re: PicoBlaze software development tool

Hi kp9mueller,

I am starting into development with the PicoBlaze (I am a novice no doubt) and I want to say thanks for uploading what looks to be a very promising tool. One thing though, you should add to your instructions that you need to generate the batch files before doing the assembly, I used the instructions from the web page but I kept getting a tmp file not found error, it wasn't until I did a file->status report in the picoTool that I realized that there was no batch files. Once I did file->Generate batch files everything worked. I think your Kcpsm2pBlazIDE is better than the import tool in the pBlazIDE, thanks again.

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Visitor kp9mueller
Registered: ‎12-30-2009

Re: PicoBlaze software development tool

Thanks for the advice. The idea is to separate the directory where you unpack the downloaded files and the directories where the assembly files are located. For each directory with assembly files you need to execute "File -> Generate Batch Files" (only once). PicoBlazeTool simply calls these batch files and captures the output.


The template batch files can be modified for your application.


Best wishes,



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