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Registered: ‎06-01-2016

AXI Chip2Chip slave i2c interrupts


I have a design that uses a Zynq as a Chip2Chip master over Aurora 8B talking to a Artix Chip2Chip2 slave device that contains an i2c eeprom that I'd like to read. I have communication over the Chip2Chip working, as I can read/write in to a BRAM on the slave side because I have a 1M memory region on the Zynq side for the C2C master and the BRAM on the slave is at the starting address of the C2C. I can also talk to the axi-i2c on the slave side and peek the registers, but I want to be able to use the axi-i2c device from petalinux on the Zynq side using the i2c-xiic driver. That driver needs interrupts from the i2c device to work. So, how can I "pass" interrupts from the slave side i2c device over the Chip2Chip link back in to the Zynq so that the driver can work properly? Or do I just have to rely on polled reading/writing?




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