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Registered: ‎06-04-2018

Access to debug registers of R5_0 core of XAZU3EG through JTAG interface

Hello all,


I am a software developer working for a company which builds their own universal in-system programmers.

I need to write a driver for our programmer in order to program the fuses of an XAZU3EG device, using JTAG protocol to communicate.

I have enabled the ARM DAP and I need to initialize it in low power domain in order to operate correctly.
After having done that, I write to two registers through AHB bus:

- 0xFF9A0000 (RPU_GLBL_CNTL) -> value 0x8 in order to put RPU cores in split mode;
- 0xFF5E023C (RST_LPD_TOP) -> value 0x188FD6 in order to exit core r5_0 from reset.

After this I need debug access to R5-0 core in order to halt cpu, write binary code in OCM memory and make it execute.
Once I tried to access R5_0 debug registers (base address 0x803F0000), I obtained STICKY error.


Can you please tell me which is the complete sequence that I should follow in order to do what is needed?


Thank you in advance.

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