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Registered: ‎09-25-2017

DMA on Petalinux

Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement a very simple test program to check the currect functioning of the DMA in Petalinux, but I am having some issues. I am using an FPGA from Enclustra and I already have their BSP.

I have the Petalinux image with the DMA proxy 2.0 driver. On the hardware side, I have the Xilinx DMA IP configured as follows (I attached the block diagram image as well):

- loop back

- scattered-gather mode

- interrupts enabled

I had included on the boot image the dma-proxy-test application and the petalinux image boots as expected.

I then proceed to do a modprobe on the dma-proxy driver. When I do this I receive the following messages on the console:

- [timestamp] DMA proxy module initialized

- [timestamp] (NULL Device *): DMA channel request error

- [timestamp] dma_proxy_driver: probe of dma_proxy failed with error -1

If I try to run the dma-proxy-test application I get the following error:

- Unable to open dma proxy device file

can anyone help me understand what might be wrong. I am following the tutorials on:  


Thanks in advanced


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