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Registered: ‎11-20-2009

Doubt in spi ip core function

Hi All,

       I am using spi ip core spi_v2_01_b to interface spi tft.

   i have basic doubt in spi function. i read datasheet DS570. page 2:


The XPS SPI IP Core supports Manual Slave Select Mode as the Default Mode of operation. This mode allows the user to manually control the slave select line by the data written to the slave select register. This allows transfers of an arbitrary number of elements without toggling the slave select line between elements. However, the user must toggle the slave select line before starting a new transfer.


i am transferring 24 bit. so after 24 bit cs must be toggled. so i use manual slave select for this.


i don't no what function i have to use toggle slave select line before starting new transfer.


Thanks in advance.

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