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Registered: ‎02-05-2019

FIPS Destructive Testing: Are reference bitstream and application images available?


We're using the ZU7CG, and shooting for a FIPS certification.  As part of this, there is an evaluation phase involving destructive testing of the MPSoC's.  The MPSoCs will be de-capped using "readily-available tools" (such as dental picks, razor blades, etc), rather than more sophisticated methods (such as acid and the like).  Following this de-capping, the MPSoCs will be tested to verify that they no longer function.  I repeat, the goal is ensure that the MPSoC demonstrates that it will not function anymore after being de-capped!

We are supposed to provide some kind of software application to be running on the MPSoC for this testing, which will exhibit an indication that it is still running (e.g., blinking an LED).  Obviously, to have the best chance of passing this test, we would want to utilize as much of the chip as possible.  We would not want to merely use a very small portion of it.  We want to use 100% of the chip if possible, so that any damage to any portion of the chip caused by the de-capping process will be cause of the MPSoC to cease operation (i.e., stop blinking the LED).

To that end, are there any Reference bitstreams and application images available for this purpose?  If so, can Xilinx provide them?  And if not, then can Xilinx provide some guidelines and recommendations for how we might make sure to utilize as much of the PL (Programmable-Logic, aka FPGA) and the PS (Processing-System) as possible?


Yu Fei

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