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Registered: ‎01-10-2014

Fabric Trace Monitor traces via ARM DS-5 / DSTREAM



I am using DSTREAM with DS-5 v5.17.0, on a Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC Video and Imaging Kit (zc702 board) in cascaded mode.

The main goal is to generate traces in the Zynq's Programmable Logic, and then read and process them from DS-5.


I generated a simple 32 bit counter to generate some test traces and the extra signals needed by the FTM, as shown in the picture:




The generated traces are sent into the trace input, and also to the general IO ports. This module was tested and works as expected.


From DS-5, now I want to capture this traces, but i can't configure the FTM, there is no trace option on DS-5, only 2xPTM and the ITM.

I've contacted with ARM support, and the configuration has to be done in DSTL level, using the file. I tried to edit this file, and enabled the funnel port number 2 and the FTM registers (enable, lock access, and trace enable) using the AHB writeMem function, but the traces aren't stored into the ETB (Embedded Trace Buffer). I use the read pointers to access to the traces, and the data is always 0000. Also there is no way to check if the funnel port is working...


Can somebody help me or provide a dstl file with FTM working?


Thanks in advance




PS: I tried too the CSAT (Core Sight Access Tool) but i can't connect to the Zynq, i get many UNKNOW devices when scanning, and also I cant connect to anyone. This tool is usefull for accessing to RAW ETB traces.


PS2: The Auto-Configure function in Debug Hardware Config fails, so i can't generate a new DSTL empty file.

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