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Registered: ‎04-11-2017

How to get GEM0 FIFO interface to transmit packets from PL?

Do you know what we need to do to be able to use the GEM0 FIFO interface to transmit packets?

We are trying to output ethernet packets from the PL, and are having trouble. We have been able to setup GEM0 to work with Cortex-A53  core 0, and GEM0 will respond to an ARP request. We then set memory address 0xff0b004c to 0x00000001 to enable the FIFO interface. The PL tries to send a packet once a second, GEM0 requests data from the PL, and is sent a packet with sop and eop indications, however, it never acknowledges the sending of the packet, and no packets get sent.

If we reset set memory address 0xff0b004c to 0x00000000 to disable the FIFO interface, GEM0 will not respond to an ARP request, as expected, so it no longer works. It does not matter whether or not the memory register changes are don with Cortex-A53  core 0 running or paused.

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