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Registered: ‎10-13-2014

How to interface audio with Zynq 7000 (which does not have I2S output)?

We are currently designing a board based on Zynq 7000 in which we need an audio input/output, but Zync 7000 does not have I2S output. Our customer does not allow us to use the PL area.

So we were thinking of using an SPI to I2S converter in CPLD outside and port the ALSA driver to output via SPI instead of I2S.

Is there any other better option available.

Our primary objective is to have a audio output without using the PL area.

Is there any reference design or source code which may suit this application it will be very helpful for us.

Thanks in advance.

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Registered: ‎08-22-2015

you can implement the I2S protocol in software running on the ARM on the PS side.


Alternatively, check this tutorial on Digital Audio Processing, however, its based on logic implemented in the fabric.


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