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Registered: ‎12-08-2016

How to use AXI GPIO both channel in PS side

Hi Folks,


I made dual channel in AXI GPIO block in the side of PL.

Here, one channel for input and one channel for output. Because my requirement is, input channel is going to receive interrupt signal from PS and output channel is going to read the input channel of AXI GPIO, if input channel is receive any signal from PS means output channel has to assert. This is all set for PS to PL interrupt.


Here, My questions is,

-> how to configure both channels of AXI GPIO in the side of PS program.

->I can possible to use both channels at time and I can possible to configure both channels in the side of PS Program?

->If any one known regarding PS to PL interrupt please suggest and have you any example source code for PS to PL please share me.


Please suggest me regarding this.


Thanks and Best Regards

Vinod Sajjan



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