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Registered: ‎04-22-2014

Invoking the debugger

I have started the process of porting some of our software to the Zynq.  One of the first routines I need to construct is a system dependent routine that is defined as follows:


"enter the debuger if it is attached, otherwise, do nothing"


We use this a lot during development and I can't find anyway to do it.  If I use:


asm( "BKPT" );

The program hangs but does not enter the debugger, if I manually enter the debugger (press pause button), I am at the BKPT instruction but if I try to continue I just hit the break point over and over.


Does anyone know a way to accouplish this?


As an alternative, does anyone know how to tell if the debugger is attached.  There appears to be a lot of debug control registers, but I have not found a flag that says "the debugger is attached".


Thanks for any help.


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