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Registered: ‎01-17-2018

Is it possible to clean/flush cache of one core from another on Zynq-7000

I am using Xilinx SDK 2016.4 to run petalinux on core 0 and FreeRTOS on core 1.
Sometimes RTOS freezes. It happens in the field, so I cannot use a debugger.
But Linux is still running, so I am trying to make a full memory dump of the frozen RTOS from Linux using /dev/mem.
The problem is that most recent changes made by RTOS before dying are still in core 1 cache and are not seen by Linux.
I wonder whether there is anything that can be done on core 0 to force core 1 to clean its cache.
I need to achieve the same effect as from calling Xil_DCacheFlush(), but it only affects the current core.
But I heard that cores can issue cache maintenance broadcasting.
I wonder whether it is possible to issue such broadcasting from core 0 to force core 1 to invalidate its cache
or use some other method?
Thank you

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