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Registered: ‎01-13-2016

LWIP PBUF memory allocation

Can the PBUF allocation be configured in the Xilinx LWIP examples? I want to use CDMA to transfer the data that comes in over Ethernet to a PL buffer. When Iook at the pointer to the payload on the LWIP packet struct, it is some address to memory that the CDMA cannot access.


I'm wondering if the reason for that is because the LWIP is configured to allocate memory for the PBUF in a reserved memory space. I notice in pbuf.h there are several enumerated PBUF types, including RAM ROM, REF, and POOL. Maybe if I change this to one of the other types, the buffer will be allocated in a memory range that the CDMA can access? Is there a way to make this change? I don't see anything that seems to do that in the BSP LWIP options.

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