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Registered: ‎10-09-2009

Launching U-boot from Flash, PPC440 Custom Board

I've been trying to run u-boot from Flash on a custom board can can't seem to make much progress past getting a kernel panic.  The board is running an FX130T with a Flash range that includes the reset vector (0xFFFF_FFFC) and a .text setting of (0xFFFC_0000).  The xparamters file is new from EDK 11.1 and matches up with the latest xilinx-git-uboot development thread (needed the LLTEMAC functionality).  Aside from moving the address range and using the right .text section, what else is there to do?  Each time I try to run from the reset vector or "go" from an XMD'd u-boot I get a kernel panic.  Stepping through the code just seems to keep going forever and the panic looks like it is around the TLB clearing in start.S.  Any ideas?



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