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Registered: ‎01-17-2008

ML403 core/bus clocks



 I have a ML403 working with a PPC405 in a Linux environment. The thing is that the maximum frequency I could achieve with the bundled clock is 200Mhz(core)/100(bus) (Linux seems to need the bus to work at half the core speed) but I would like push it a bit faster for some real-time algorithms I need to run. The thing is that I think I cannot achieve the maximum theoretical for the -10 speed grade (350/175) with the current clock,I don't mind to change it but I don't know which clock frequency would I need for that since the system wizzard from EDK doesn't seem to achieve those speeds with any value I try. 


 Does anybody know which clock frequency I need for this? Has anybody tried?


I know the APU FPU does not work over 200Mhz.  Do you know if the rest of the catalog IPs will work at those frequencies (specially the hard temac) ?

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