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Registered: ‎08-28-2019

May I use opencl code on PS part of zynq7010 as a host program?

I tried to write an opencl program that containing host and device with SDx development environment. My platform is zynq7010, I want the host program running at PS part with an ARM core, the PL part using as a device to run an acceleration algorithm which is designed by opencl code. But it seems to failed, my problem is a link error which told me could not recognized the file format about And the program target is "test3.exe" which seem like a windows program but it indeed use "arm-linux-g++" to compile the program. So I don't know where is wrong or whether zynq7010 support opencl an a host with arm architecture. thank you all.
Screenshot from 2019-09-05 12-47-29.png
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