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Registered: ‎05-17-2018

MicroBlaze vs ARM-A53 vs ARM-R5 processors on ZCU102

Hello everyone,


I recently started working with IP's. I'm a little confused about the difference between ARM-A53, ARM-R5, and microblaze processors. I understand that each have different specifications, but how do I access and use them? Am I able to run 3 different processes at the same time using three different processors?






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Registered: ‎11-28-2016

Hello @ryu-102,


This is a rather open ended question because it could get in to the specifics of microprocessor architecture, embedded system architecture, embedded software development, and then overall OS level and software application development.  Since you have a ZCU102 I would start with UG1221 and go through the Targeted Reference Design Xilinx provides.  The documentation touches on all the basics that give you leads on discovering this rest of this on your own. 


Here's a link to the ZCU102 documentation:

Check out UG1221 and UG1211.


Now for the specific differences of the A53 VS the R5 you can look up the ARM Technical Reference Manuals (TRM) for these but that's a bit overkill.  Basically this gets in to the concepts of embedded processing and what's called the Application Processor and the Real Time Processor.  The Xilinx Microblaze is a different animal and I would take a look at the Microblaze page for more information:


Fundamentally it will take a lot of self directed learning to fully answer these questions but luckily there are a lot of resources available on the internet.