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Registered: ‎01-28-2014

Microblaze - Trouble with Updating Memory Map

I've created a Microblaze platform and had been using it successfully for some time. I needed to increase the amount of instruction/data memory from 64k to 128k to fit an increasingly large program. This is when I ran into trouble. I updated the memory map which involved  shuffling things since somethings were contiguous. I rebuilt the project in XPS. Than I removed the old hw platform, and added the new. I removed the the old bsp and created a new one. Both XPS and SDK seem to show the new memory map. I also updated the linker script to use the new memory size. When I simulate I'm not seeing AXI transactions on interfaces where the memory map is different. An interface with a new address range does not show any AXI transactions at all. Interfaces where the memory map did not change still work. Does anyone know how to fix this or what to investigate? I appreciate the help as the tools aren't providing me any clues I can find and the microblaze itself is encrypted so I can't debug this on my own.


For reference I'm targeting a Virtex 6 with ISE 14.7

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