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Registered: ‎11-17-2018

Openamp: Remoteproc Unable to handle kernel paging request

Hello all,

 I am trying to dual boot Xilinx-7000 CPU on CoraZ7-10 board with Linux on one Core, while bare metal application on RPU. 

I have prepared bit file, hdf files from Vivado and SDK 2017.4.

According to ug-1186, I have also changed the BSP settings to include Openamp library and made -DUSE_AMP=1.

BOOT.bin and Image.ub are made from petaLinux. I can boot Linux from BOOT.BIN  and Image.ub

But following message shows up while booting, regarding remoteproc.

(Boot Sequence:)

Screenshot 2019-04-23 11.29.16.png

Above image is about the boot sequence of Linux on  Zynq-7000. 

"Direct Firmware Load for rproc-remoteproc@0-fw failed with error -2"

Is this causing the error further? What Can I do to load the firmware successfully?


Error OccurenceError Occurence

Also, regarding the above error, am I doing something wrong in setting up device tree?

 Attaching the device tree herewith this question: 

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