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Registered: ‎10-19-2017

PicoBlaze hex download using JTAG_loader for Zynq devices


I am working on a project where PicoBlaze softcore should be integrated in the PL side of the Zynq device. Up to now, I managed to integrate PicoBlaze (KCPSM6) with Zynq device up and running a simple application.

Now I need to download the hex file that generated by the KCPSM6 assembler, to the block ram directly via JTAG Loader. 

I have tried, the KCPSM6 user guide and manage to run JTAG_Loader_win7_64.exe and it says that it program the block ram. But I can't see the program I wrote in PSM is running on the device.

Steps that I followed. 

  1. Generated the bit stream without C_JTAG_LOADER_ENABLE bit. 
  2. Download it to Zynq device using SDK.
  3. Enable PS using XCST commands (connect, targets 1, source ps7_init.tcl, ps7_init, ps7_post_config)
  4. Then the application is running as I expected in PicoBlaze.
  5. Now enabled C_JTAG_LOADER_ENABLE and generated the bitstream.
  6. Download it to Zynq device using SDK.
  7. Enable PS using XCST commands (connect, targets 1, source ps7_init.tcl, ps7_init, ps7_post_config).
  8. The application doesn't run as I expected. ( I used the workaround of skipping address 0x03 )
  9. Now run JTAG_Loader_Win7_64.exe ( set the environmental variable as mentioned )
  10. Jtagloader found that there is a picoBlaze at the 1st id of the chain and I downloaded the .hex file. (JTAG_Loader_Win7_64.exe -l rdm_indii_rcp.hex )
  11. It says JTAG Loader has completed successfully.
  12. But the application is not running. 

I saw some posts that say I need to run hex2hex2svfsetup and some other steps. But I couldn't locate this application which can run x64. I really want to make the system to download the hex using JTAG Loader (Or iMPACT). Please guide me through it. I think I might not found the correct guidelines yet. 

I am using Windows10_x64, Vivado2016.4, KCPSM6, Microzed board and carrier card, ISE 14.7 (iMPACT).

Please let me know if need any files.

Thank you in advance.

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Registered: ‎10-19-2017

If anyone has any clue to solve this issue that is really appreciated.
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