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Registered: ‎08-05-2019

Programming FSBL/Uboot in NAND Flash during Manufacturing

We are building a board with the Zynq XC7Z020. Based upon the functionality in the NAND driver: we plan to only have NAND flash on the final version. This requires correct handling of teh NAND bad blocks since th emanufacturer will only gurantee a non bad block for block #0 so block #1 could be corrupt.

During manufacturing you can use the SDK to program the FSBL and Uboot via TJAG but I am wondering if this would also be a slution for manufacturing. Our product quntities do not allow for using the professional NAND programmers.

  1. Is there a seperate tool available to do initial JTAG flashing in manufacturing
  2. How long would it approximately take if in total 1MB has to be written to Flash

The flash part we use is Micron: MT29F8G08 withbuild in ECC

Note: The idea is to use Uboot to program the fiull Linux kernal to the NAND via the network which should be faster than via TJAG.



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