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Registered: ‎01-07-2016

QSPI / STARTUPE3 constraints for VCU118

I need to add an AXI Quad SPI IP along with the STARTUPE3 primitive to my VCU118 design so it can access some data stored on the flash.


As a firs step I am trying to port the XAPP1280 from KCU105 to VCU118 board. To do that I need to add the appropriate timing constraints to account for the STARTUPE3 timing delays. The XAPP1280 design provides these values for the KCU105 board but I need the equivalent for VCU118. Is it possible for someone to provide the appropriate constraints for the the VCU118 board?


Alternatively if someone has a AXI Quad SPI reference design for VCU118, that would be great as well!

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