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Registered: ‎10-09-2018

Re-targeting BSP to new HW Platform

I am using SDK 2018.2.

While waiting for a custom HDF file for our application on a ZCU102, I started development using the pre-defined/"generic" ZCU102_hw_platform. Now that the new HDF is available, I created a new HW platform project and want to switch the BSP to use it.

According to Re-Targeting A BSP for a New Hardware Platform this should be a simple properties change. However, it has not worked for me. I should have been suspicious when I first opened the Properties -> Project References and there was no checkmark for the ZCU102_hw_platform as a referenced project. Adding the new design_1_wrapper_hw_platform project as a reference project did kick off a build of the BSP project and the dependent application project. However, digging into the details (xparameters.h specifically), I do not see any of the new items defined by our custom HDF.

If I look at the Board Support Package Settings of my BSP, I see that the Target Hardware has NOT been change (it still refers to the "generic" ZCU102_hw_platform project).

Is the link above incorrect? Via a wider search, I found an older(?) page that seems to say the same thing: Re-targeting software projects . 

Is there an alternative method to accomplish what I want?


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Hi @thammer,

Just a guess: Did you try to clean all projects (including the BSP) and rebuild them all to make sure the BSP is correct re-built for your new HW platform?


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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It depends on the design, I saw issue if HDF design has been changed a lot, then the BSP would have issue getting updated from new HDF design.
But I don’t see this issue in 2018.3.
If you want to keep in 2018.2, you might need to create a new BSP per your new HDF.
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