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Registered: ‎02-11-2015

Register a software for ARM cores and tie it to a Unique ID

Good morning,
I'm developing a SW that must run on ARM CORES (PS) of a SoC Zynq 7000.
I would like to distribute the software to my customers in binary form and tie,
for licensing reasons, to a unique ID, for example, the Device DNA.

From my previous post, at
I figured out how to read the registry using Xilinx tools.

What I miss is having the opportunity to read the register from my software,
in such a way that it can validate the license for the specific device.

The bitstream of the FPGA is under the control of our customers,
then reading the DNA from our software must take place regardless
the bitstream loaded into the PL.

Can I accomplish this?

The most convenient way would be able to access the register directly from the PS.

Since the software runs in AMP configuration,
for me it is possible to read the register from the bare metal using the API of
the SDK, or I can read memory mapped registers from the Linux process.

Is there the opportunity to do what I need?
In what way?

Thanks in advance
kind regards
Marco Tessore

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