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Registered: ‎10-12-2016

SD card access issue with Microblaze ?

HI Friends,


I want to load Linux kernel on the SD card for booting. I am using kintex xc7k410tffg676-2 part. i used micrblaze processor. i did not find SD controller in Vivado , so i used our own SD controller that has AHB interface.


1)  I am writing some data to SD card location that am observing on AHB  master interface. But while reading , SD controller not responding.  just am using mwr for writing and mrd for reading. Is there any specific procedure for writing data into SD card ?


2) I have DDR3 (using MIG) and SD card. while generating device tree , it was showing only DDR location but not SD card location for Kernel_base_addr. How do i instruct to processor that pick the kernel from the SD card ?


Any help or Suggestions are highly appreciated.


Thank You

S Sampath


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