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Registered: ‎02-07-2018

SPI reads partial data

Hi All,

I have standard SPI design to communicate with external SPI slave. I have used JTAG-AXI master and SPI to communicate with the slave. The configuration of SPI is a follows.

1) Standard mode.

2) Transaction width = 32.

I am trying to read data from the external slave and what i see is that slave is sending correct data ( As i see it in the oscilloscope ) but when i read the data through JTAG command i always have a mismatch. The mismatch is that data is right shifted by 1 bit with MSB as 0.

I have attached few image below which may help you to understand.  

Can anyone help me out with this.


SPI partial data read 2.PNG
SPI partial data read.PNG
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