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There's no read-enable signal outputing from zynq for NAND Flash.

Hi, all,


I try to test the NAND Flash attached to zynq ZC702 in SDK 14.4. In the test, the following *.c code is used.



The NAND Flash is MT29F2G08ABBEAH4 of Mircon, which is supported by zynq.


When the C code initializes the flash device, it halts and the initialization fails.


I try to test the signal between zynq and flash. And I find that there is no read enable outputing from zynq when the C code is going to read the flash geometry parameter(ONFI parameter).

I think that is the reason for the failure of initializing the flash device.


But why? I check the pin-connection between zynq and flash, and they are all correct.


Is there something wrong with the test code? But it's supplied by xilinx.


Does someone run into the same trouble or have worked around the NAND flash writing and reading?




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It's OK.

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