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Registered: ‎07-26-2012

UART Communication on COM Port freezes, but JTAG UART works fine

Hi everyone,


I am very new to Xilinx EDK. I am working with EDK 14.1 and spartan 3E starter board. I did some basic UART communication using "print()" function and I was able to recieve data on Hyperterminal. 


However, when I started using some functions like xil_printf and GpioInputExample from the peripheral_test example, the COM port started to freeze and there was no output available. Even the program stuck and I had to terminate it manually. Now when I changed the STDIO Connection to JTAG URT, the same program worked great. Even I have checked the output with XMD console and it appears to work fine. But again when I changed the STDIO Connection to COM1 (in my case), the program got stuck. I debugged and saw that the program gets stuck everytime executing a function "while (XUartLite_IsTransmitFull(BaseAddress));" which is a line in XUartLite_SendByte() function declaration.


On the same session, I started running the peripheral_test example with COM1 as STDIO and this peripheral_test example worked and I receieved output on hyperterminal. I dont understand where the error is?


Please help.  


Thank you in advance, 



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