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Registered: ‎10-29-2015

Ubuntu14.04 On zc706

Hello everyone,


I want to get Ubuntu 14.04 running on my Zynq7000 zc706 device. I followed the necessary steps according to this (

1. I created partitions on SD card

2. I copied uImage, uramdisk.image.gz, devicetree.dtb from Ubuntu core (

3. I copies rootfs to /mnt/root from Ubuntu core (

4. I copied FSBL, U-BOOT and boot.bin from PetaLinux release (


When i boot the device from SD Card, I get an error message saying "xuartps e0001000.uart: failed to get alias id, errno -19" and the device hangs. Is this because I am using dtb from zc702 on zc706? If so, where do i get the correct devicetree.dtb for zynq zc706 to use with ubuntu?

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