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Registered: ‎06-27-2018

Ultrascale + zcu102 APU IRQ on Vivado 2017.2

I am using Vivado 2017.2  with the ZCU102 evaluation board which its based on a Ultrascale+ . I have Linux running on the PS

I am using couple IRQ into the PS , they are connect to the APUGIC .

how do I determine the enumeration of the interrupts into the PS? in my Device tree I have added a node where I am defining my interrupts

 label: node@0 {   

              interrupts = <0 89 4 >;

               interrupt-parent = <&gic>


the question is how do Identify that the value 89 is the correct one with respect to the IRQ i have wire in the fabric? 

thank you

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