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Registered: ‎11-10-2017

Unable to access UART1 from core1 on rpmsg based project


I am currently working on a Zynq7000 based product. I have Linux running on core0  and freertos on core1. I am using rpmsg to interface the 2 cores (freertos app is compiled with USE_AMP=1). I need to access UART1 from RTOS (on core1) to interface to a serial device. I setup the interrupts using XUartPs_SetHandler/XScuGic_Connect/XUartPs_SetInterruptMask/XScuGic_Enable and have configured UART with XUartPs_SetOptions and XUartPs_EnableUart . I use XUartPs_Send to send data on the serial lines but don`t see anything on the serial lines. No interrupts either. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?


Saw from the code/ documentation that GIC should be initialized only via Linux while using rpmsg. Does Linux also have to configure / open (or do any other actions) so that UART1 is available for RTOS app on core1?


Any options / ideas are welcome


BTW, rpmsg works as expected with no issues.




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