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Registered: ‎11-28-2011

Use case of the ACP

In reading UG585, and UG873 I have some questions relating to the ACP.  We would like to use the PL to perform reads of the OCM and block ram attached to the M_AXI_GP ports, in a on-demand fashion using an external debugger that is ran in the PL, in an effort to capture changes in OCM or block ram at certain times. I think we should be ok with non-coherent reads, but we want to make sure that the data when we perform a non-coherent read isn't stale.  I would prefer coherent reads, as I believe we desire that latency, and we will not be posing any risk of OCM switch starvation, or cache thrashing due to the low read request count.


Secondly, I was looking to exploit the event bus, possibly just using one of the signals so that the CPU can inform the PL that data has changed in the OCM or block ram.


With the intent explained above, is the approach for using the ACP ideal, or should we investigate other debugging methods? i.e. using the debug access port, FTM, etc?

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