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Registered: ‎05-10-2018

Using Microblaze on a Virtec 6 for I2C communication with a microcontroller

I am attempting to use the I2C drivers given in XPS/SDK to impliment I2C with a external Microcontroller. The MicroController in question is a Arduino UNO. I am using a Bidirectional level converter between the two, a BOB-12009. I am using a XM105 debgugger card with the ML605 virtex 6. 

I have clarified that the birdirectional converter is working well enough for the FPGA and the UNO to drive signal High and Low to each other.

At the moment the I2C AXI drivers never make SlaveRead high even when I loop  begintransmission with the same slave address that I assigned the FPGA in the drivers logic.

The clocks are set at the same rate. Is this likely just there drivers being incompatible? or has anyone tried doing something similar?

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