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Registered: ‎10-31-2013

XAPP 1079 AMP standalone implementation fail

Hi all,


I'm currently doing AMP implementation the XAPP 1079 on my customized Zynq 7030 board. I use Vivado and SDK 2013.4 for implementation.


I can already run this AMP implementation in debugging mode succesfully. In debugging mode, I can produce output "Hello world" to UART from CPU 0 baremetal app and CPU 1 baremetal app, alternately.


However, I still couldn't run it by standalone mode. When I run standalone mode, it only produces output from CPU 0 baremetal app once and stopped. It doesn't show the "Hello world" output from CPU 1.
Do you have guys have any idea what might be wrong with my implementation?



FYI, there are some differences in my stand-alone implementation compared to the XAPP 1079:
1. I implemented on QSPI flash (MCS file) because I don't have SD card on my board.
2. I don't use FSBL template and the dummy cpu1_bootvec.bin because it's said that the current SDK already support multiple elf.
3. For CPU 1 BSP, I don't find option "standalone AMP" when creating BSP. Instead, I just select "standalone" option.


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Registered: ‎06-13-2014

Have you downloaded the last archive the 'latest information' web page points to?


I believe you're correct in the 'standalone' option. As that is the only choice provided by the most recent repository provided by the most recent archives. However, there is a semi-hidden text file that provides instructions for using these most recent repositories. Look under the docs directory.

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