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Registered: ‎05-14-2008

XPS_LL_TEMAC with LAN8700 using MII



In a project with PPC405 and XPS_LL_TEMAC, I need to connect to a SMSC LAN8700 PHY through MII interface. I have not been able to use XPS_LL_TEMAC, even in loopback mode. The device doesn't give any receive interrupts. It is not a software problem, since chipscope admits this. I have also checked if anything is being transmitted out of the phy, by turning loopback off and sending a packet to a PC. I have not received any packets, as WireShark shows.


I have both set and unset IDELAYCTRLs (although it seems they are not needed). I have also made sure that the phy is detected and programmed correctly. I checked  the design MHS file against a working ML403 design,and found no problem. Of course my design differs in these aspects:

- I have a DDR2 working with a 175MHz clock, and have set SDMA bus to work with a 1/2 clock. (system clock is 87.5 MHz)

- I am using MII instead of GMII. Also the board doesn't have an output MII_TX_ER pin. This pin on the phy is set to be an interrupt input to FPGA. (I have not connected this interrupt.)


I tried various ways of getting sure if anything is being transfered on the MII, but have not been able to insert chipscope, as it gives error everytime. (Mostly IBUF related, or because TEMAC needs to connect to the phy directly).


Where could the problem lie?

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