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Registered: ‎02-22-2021

ZC706 GPIO mapping into Linux

Hi, I am trying to read the user accessible DIP switch input on the ZC706 board using devmem (on my dtb its at base 0xe000a000), but I am not seeing them (Its a fixed 0x80 on the first location, everything else is 0). I know the kernel GPIO driver handles them 1 by one but since I dont know which inputs out of the 118 available GPIOs the 4 DIP switch inputs are mapped to, its hard for me to export each individual GPIO and test them one by one. I got the PL pin map but that's about it. Its not clear to me how they are mapped in Linux. Can anybody shed some light? Should I be able to view them as bytes using devmem? In bulk? I am using standard SD card image that I built from source from buildroot (zc706). 




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