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Registered: ‎05-23-2013

ZC706 with larger SODIMM (4 GB)


I am wondering if there is already something from Xilinx (or elsewhere) that I can use to access a large SODIMM from the ZYNQ PL on the ZC706.  Note:  I am using Vivado 2014.2.


Issue:  I want to replace the SODIMM on the ZC706 with a 4 GB one for a certain application.  However, the ZYNQ has a limited PL Address Space.


After looking around, I'm leaning toward doing the following:

Create an AXI Peripheral with a Slave and a Master interface.  The Slave Port connects to the ARM (via AXI Interconnect) while the Master Port connects to an AXI MiG interface that connects to the SODIMM.  This Custom Peripheral would implement FIFOs (for reads and writes).  To the ARM, it would appear to have a very small address space, and would send the address of the larger space (SODIMM) as well as size and data.  The Custom Peripheral would then handle the addressing and data transfers for the MiG connected through the Master Port.



-  Is there already something (such as an AXI Peripheral) available that handles accesses to a larger memory space?

-  Is there an application note that covers something similar?

-  Does anyone have a better suggestion for interfaceing to the larger SODIMM?

-  Is it a bad idea to even try accessing a larger SODIMM on the ZC706?


Thanks in advance.

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