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Registered: ‎02-18-2019

Zynq 7 Dual Ethernet MDIO and MDC Connection

Dear Sir,

I have designed (first Design )a Board with Zynq Z7045 FFGG900I-2 part with Schematic check list (excel sheet )has suggested many inputs according to that i have made connection 

concern is Dual ethernet on th PS Side, Based on the AVENT REP inputs i have made PS Side MDC and MDIO Pin conncetion directly with 2 marvell PHY Ics Like Parallel Connection 

when I started Programming in the vivado, while Configuring the Zynq Processing system, if Select Both Ethernet with MDIO option only one phy I Can Select as MDIO Configured PHY through MIO53 and MIO52 (Zynq Pins) and it is giving option for second MDIO with EMIO 

If I want to Work with two Independant Ethernets Without any delay in the PS side Processing system, is there any Logic implementation so that with existing hardware connection we can work two independent Ethernets

if not possible, Can  I  route Only MDIO and MDC Signal through PL side as at is sugesting in vivado EMIO option, if this routimg is Possible on which bank pins i Should Connect this Signals and then how to Configure this to PS Side


waiting for your earliy Valuable inputs

Thank you 

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