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Registered: ‎04-18-2021

Zynq-7000 SOC Connecting ARM to FPGA

I am relatively new to FPGA's and embedded design, but I am trying my best to learn. I recently obtained an FPGA, the blackboard, from, and I have been trying to follow their tutorials for a custom IP block that is connected to the ARM processor. Unfortunately, after following the tutorial and redoing 3 times, my system is not working. I am simply trying to send values to a register defined for my custom IP and enable LEDs on the board (where the last 4 bits are used to toggle led[3:0]). They provided a .tcl script to automatically configure the processing system, but I'm wondering if this is causing the error? Would it be possible for me to simply add the processing system into the block design myself without using this script?

Here is a link to the tutorial that I was trying to follow:

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Registered: ‎01-16-2019

I'd be surprised if the supplied TCL file was a problem. It should be well tested at this stage.

However, I would say that custom IP projects are not a good place to start with the Zynq. Instead, you could try some of the tutorials provided by Xilinx:

You still need to use the Blackboard TCL file to configure the processor (so you need to go as far as the "Create LED Controller IP" part of the realdigital tutorial you referenced). Then, try to continue on from that point in the Xilinx tutorials.


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