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Registered: ‎08-26-2016

Zynq CoreSight Debug



I would like to debug the PS of a Zynq Ultrascale+, and in particular AXI transactions going on in the PS.


I understand that SDK has a Performanace Analysis feature exploiting APM components, but I am afraid it is going to give me only a high level performance view, while I would rather need something like a trace.


On the other hand, I see that most Coresight components have a Linux driver, and so I would like to use that. Hence, I started to create a device tree describing the Coresight components. Most of it seems ok, but I have 3 issues so far:


-> The TRM does not tell me in which order the ports of the funnels are connected.

-> I am unsure whether the replicator is supported by the Linux driver (is it the Qualcom one??)

-> More importantly, I cannot find documentation on the Axi Transaction Macrocell/Axi Transaction Monitor. its register are not present in the MPSoC register reference. I also searched ARM website without success. 



Thank you in advance,



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