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Registered: ‎01-03-2018

Zynq FSBL for AMP template for ISE 14.7


I am working on a project using Zynq 7000 series and I am using ISE 14.7 for development. Now we have developed AMP applications that will make use of two cores in ARM.  We are currently using JTAG programming mode and everything is working fine. Now we need to create a .mcs file for flashing the final firmware.

Previously we explored the procedure for programming two ELF's using the XAPP1079 AMP bare metal cortex A9 app notes in ISE14.3 with available design reference.

Now when we try to follow the same procedure in ISE 14.7 I learned that there is no template available for ISE 14.7 and when I use a template that is available for either 14.3 or 14.6 and tries to create the FSBL for AMP there are errors that are showing up like cannot find -lrsa.

Please provide some solutions and show the way forward.

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