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Registered: ‎02-08-2018

Zynq Ultascale+ Ethernet via EMIO (PCS/PMA core)



i use the Zynq US+ xczu19eg eth0 for ethernet connection to a marvell switch (88E6321) via EMIO over the "1G/2.5G Ethernet PCS/PMA" ip core. The problem is that i don't get RX packets and that the "Status vector" provided in the PL says everything is fine but the register 5 of the core advises strange negotiated parameters.


Core settings:

  • Ethernet "Zynq PS Gigabit Ethernet Controller"
  • Reference clock 250 MHz
  • DRP clock 50 MHz
  • Auto Negotiation enabled
  • PHY Address 1
  • Include shared logic in Core
  • PHY mode

When i check the "Status vector" provided in the PL i read 0x088B wich (according PG047) means:

  -> Link Status ok!, Link Synch ok!, PHY Link Status ok!, 1000 Mb/s negotiated!

Register 5 has 0x4001 -> read via MDIO interface:

  -> PHY Link status "Down", 10 Mb/s negotiated


Any idea which effect can cause such a mismatch?






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