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Registered: ‎06-08-2016

cyclic BD interrupts

I am trying to set up an AXI DMA fed by a Stream FIFO in cyclic SG mode and have some questions as early attempts to get this working are evading me.


I have a Zynq system set up with custom IP feeding data to a Stream Fifo in Packet mode. My custom IP periodically strobes TLAST for one Stream clock cycle. I have the DMA core configured for SG, non-Micro, RX only.


I have SW set up in XSDK with a simple application leveraged from the sg interrupt example. I get one interrupt, I see the data transferred correctly for 1 packet and then nothing. The ring is set up using the example configuration for packet length, interrupt coalesce, number of packets and bds per packet. 

I have ILA in the design and I see the s2mm_introut assert and my ISR fires, shortly thereafter the IRQ deasserts correctly and reasserts again but the second assertion does not result in my ISR firing. 

I have checked the S2MM_STS register all is well - no errors, not halted not idle.


What I really need to be able to do is set up for 2 large buffers in cyclic mode - i.e. set up and start, DMA runs forever ping-ponging between the 2 buffers and interrupting at each buffer completion. It seems like this should be possible. I'm guessing my problem is not completely understanding how to make a buffer transaction complete cause an interrupt on each buffer completion or possibly do interrupts need to be reenabled after each ISR?


Is there an example project somewhere that I can use a s reference to get this unblocked for me?


Any help/advice appreciated ---


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Community Manager
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We don't have an example design for this. But you can refer to for some guidance.
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